Odd start to the day: as I arrived at 7.45ish, I could hear the whistle of birds wings flying above, but these clearly weren't Swans and on looking up I saw several Ravens. They kept coming (from the South East) and eventually I counted over 20, all heading off towards Saunton/Croyde. Ringing started well with 5 Blackcaps and a couple of Goldcrests in the early rounds, but the supply of new birds soon dried up, as did my interest level when a friend sent me a text : Are you on the boat to Lundy? Once I found out why I thought hmmm. 3 Cormorants flew over heading south (unusual here) a Little Egret was over a couple of times, and hundreds of Canada Geese also went over mostly headed SE. One Swallow and one Mediterranean Gull over.

Posted October 7th, 2020 at 3:31 pm by jon turner in Bird News