Labrador Bay

An evening visit in the hope of finding an Ortolan was largely thrawted by the largest field no longer being a stubble. Around 15 Cirl Bunting and a vocal Green Woodpecker were to be expected but a Short-eared Owl was definitely not. Presumably disturbed from its roost by mobbing Blackbirds and Magpies it flew south across the valley before perching up in a dead tree.

Some excellent arable plants in the southern most arable field with masses of Field Woundwort and Weasel's-Snout as well as Corn Spurrey and Sharp-leaved Fluellen. Also plenty of Small-flowered Catchfly from the clearly very succesful Back from the Brink reintroduction

Posted September 15th, 2020 at 8:26 pm by Kevin Rylands in Bird News