Braunton Burrows passage migrant sighting

A walk on the Braunton Burrows produced a first for us in the UK. Approaching one of the larger of the ponds to the north of J lane we inadvertently flushed a Green Sandpiper from cover near the waters edge. It called as it jinked and climbed with a sort of pweeit repeated often and disappeared to the north. About twenty minutes later we flushed the unfortunate bird (or another?) again, this time at the margins of nothing more than a large puddle. Nothing more than a grainy image, which I won't bother uploading, as it flew off but the white rump & dark tail edge are clearly visible. As per Collins...first impression was of a large house martin.

Posted August 28th, 2020 at 1:33 pm by Phil and Sue Naylor in Bird News