Start Point

It was one of those days which highlighted, in equal meaure, the exasperation, surprise and rewards to be had from this crazy pastime.

En route to Hallsands/Start, I stopped off at Strete Gate where there was not a single migrant (not even a Wheatear) to be seen. Stopped off at the monument car park. Nada (except the long-staying R.N. Ducks). Stopped off at Torcross. Rien!

So, drove onto S. Hallsands and walked up to Start Pt. Again, big zero along the path. Since the wind was still fairly stiff from the NE, I reckoned I'd find some shelter (and warmth!) in Mattiscombe Valley. Correct on both counts.

The white-spotted Bluethroat was pretty much the first migrant I set eyes upon, at 10:45. It was feeding out in the open more or less continuously until early afternoon, when I went off to check other parts of the headland. It sounds like it got a bit more elusive later on as the site got busier.

The rubbish vodafone coverage on site meant that I didn't get the news out as early as I would have hoped. But hopefully everyone who visited caught up with it.

For those planning to visit tomorrow, the BT was remaining faithful to the small marshy-sedge area at the bottom of the first field below Start Farm, about 150 m down the Mattiscombe path from the car park. Bon chance!

Very little else around. 2 Black Redstarts in the same area as the BT first thing. 2 Siskin and a trickle of Meadow Pipits flew up the valley. Just 3 Wheatears scattered around the headland. Feeble!


Posted April 6th, 2013 at 6:34 pm by Phil Bentley in Bird News