Exminster Mediterranean Gulls

A flock of c400 gulls, 90%+ Black-headed, resting over the high tide among the cattle just North of Turf contained at least 8 adult Meds., very belatedly getting my year-list to 150. Not my favourite bird in this plumage: 

Earlier, off Cofton Steps, a frenzied flock of 500+ mixed gulls were feeding in mid-estuary, presumably on a hatch of fish (Flounder? Dabs? Mullet? Does anybody know what breeds in the estuary?). The Slavonian Grebe in his breeding fine to ry was only about 50m offshore in calm water, allowing a prolonged good view.

Haven't seen the Powderham Egyptian Geese pair for several weeks; at the end of May they had 7 nearly-full-grown young. Perhaps they have a communal moult site elsewhere like some other Anseriformes.

Posted June 27th, 2020 at 5:37 pm by James Camden in Bird News