Topsham Waxwings

Waxwings present in Newcourt Road at 7.30am and still there at 6.30pm. Feeding seemed to be concentrated on a tree in the front garden of a house about 300m on the left driving from Denver Road end. By the end of the day very few berries left and waxwings spent more time on tv aerial and telegraph wires than on the tree. About 10 there at 7.30am and 13 at 6.30pm. At 6.45 they flew up and joined a larger flock from somewhere nearby (total maybe 40+) heading off north over the motorway, presumably to roost. The diet of berries certainly seems to led to considerable and frequent defecation!

Posted April 3rd, 2013 at 8:44 pm by Keith Annison in Bird News