Rillage Point to Watermouth

After a really quiet week, when it was beginning to feel as if migration might already be petering out for the season, this morning saw by far my best visible passage of Swallows for the whole spring. Between 05.35 and 08.30, just over 750 flew W or NW past Rillage Point. By contrast, there were few House Martins (just 33) and no Swifts at all, making this quite an odd day for the second half of May. It certainly looks as if a good proportion of Swallows have been held up by conditions further south, so if you haven't got your usual birds back yet, don't give up hope! Fingers crossed it also means that there are plenty of martins & Swifts still to arrive.

Posted May 17th at 9:22 pm by Tim Jones in General Birding