South Brent ~ Sparrow Sp

The Sparrow sp subject of yesterday's post was back around the garden feeders several times today, allowing me to take numerous new photographs, despite the images being better than yesterdays I am just as confused as to its identity, I am tempted to suggest a Tree Sparrow X House Sparrow hybrid, there is plenty of scientific evidence to be found on the internet to support such a hybrid but none of the studies that I have read have quality supporting images.


The bird has the white collar and a pale buffy under belly as in a Tree Sparrow, in other respects it matches the description given in Collins for the Italian Sparrow, the distinct white cheek patch and collar I feel negates it being a colour morph House Sparrow but who knows for sure?

Eds: see the link here of a very similar bird.. 

UPDATE ~ Following above Eds comment ~ I have read both the documents contained in the above link ~ viewing the images the bird appears identical to the bird subject of those documents other than the beak my bird has a coloured yellow and grey beak while the Budleigh bird has a black beak, this may simply be down to breeding condition.

Posted January 10th, 2020 at 6:08 pm by Steve Hopper in Bird News