Starcross - Dawlish Warren

At least 10 cattle Egret in a field 2-3 hundred yards along the Dawlish Road from the Cockwood turn off. Only field along there with cattle. Slav Grebe diving by the wreck off Cockwood Steps. Not much else to report. In failing light at the Warren about 100 Grey Plover, 15 or so Knot and about 15 Dunlin lots of mainly Dark Bellied Brents and large flock of Oystercatchers on Finger point. Leucistic Oyk on the Starcross Golf Course. Nothing off the sea wall.

Cattle Egret Grey Plover and Knot Leucistic Oystercatcher
Cattle Egret                Grey Plover and Knot                       Leucistic Oystercatcher

Posted November 25th, 2019 at 8:44 pm by Martin Rooney in Bird News