Not much happening of late, but this morning on arrival a female/juv Kestrel on the entrance telegraph pole, and a Sparrowhawk circling over the SW corner - carrying one of my birds grrr! and being mobbed by half a dozen Swallows. In the reserve the first Whitethroat I've seen there this year and a brief visit of a Kingfisher. House Martin and Swift flying over and then a small group of Rooks and Jackdaws flew over going west and a few minutes later came back heading east! As I was leaving I went round to look out over the marsh and my attention was immediately drawn to two large white birds perched on bushes in the NE part of the marsh. Both were Great Egrets, and as I was calling Sue Bruce to alert her, they flew south and I think landed around the main pond opposite the Toll House. A Little Egret flying with them gave a good perspective of size. Sue told me she had heard a Quail on the Great field I think she said on Monday in the middle of the day.

Posted July 24th, 2019 at 12:07 pm by Jon Turner in Bird News