Axminster area Black-throated Thrush

Received a phone call this afternoon from a woman who lives near Axminster, who saw 2 male Black-throated Thrushes in her garden on Saturday morning, 2nd Feb.  They were feeding on berries on a tree. She says she is no expert, but was absolutely clear that these birds each had a snow-white belly with black throat and head (she saw them from below at first).  She knew they were in the thrush family, roughly the size of fieldfares.  She had consulted her own books with no success, but then talked to her (non-local) daughter who was able to ID them.  Sadly they were unable to photo them. They have not been seen since, so presumably they could be anywhere in the area.  

Posted February 4th, 2019 at 5:09 pm by Colin Randall in Bird News