Hen Harrier - Waddeton

Offering this post for moderation please. I am pretty confident we saw a male Hen Harrier, on the road out of Waddeton towards Stoke Gabriel on Thursday (yesterday) afternoon. Flew from high post, 6 or so wing beats, rapid, then glide, then repeat (reminded me of a woodpecker's flight, but without the dipping). Very pale bird of prey, wings forward on body, slim and graceful.Sizewize, bigger than kestrel, but without the "bulk" of a Sparrowhawk. Definitely not a Peregrine !Could see the black tail also.  Happy to be quizzed further to enable absolute ID, but I am confident ! regards, Trev

Posted March 1st, 2013 at 6:21 am by Trevor Leaman in Bird News