Thrush sp and Wood pigeon migration over South Brent 15th & 16th November

15th November ~ Lots of Redwing movement over Hillside, South Brent during the earlier part of the day over 1500 birds counted largest flock of some 500 plus birds, most flocks ranging from 50 to 70 birds.

Two sightings of soaring female Sparrowhawks no doubt attracted by the Redwing numbers.

Notable movement of Wood pigeons as well with about 200 birds seen early in the morning.

Pied Wagtails trickling over for most of the day in one's and two's.

GSWP, Nuthatch and male Greenfinch on the feeders and a Wren around the garden today.

16th November ~ Thrush migration noted from 8am to 9.30am, very overcast misty conditions, 1300 plus Redwing largest flock being of some 400 birds, the odd Mistle Thrush noted and several flocks of Fieldfares amounting to about 150 birds, all Thrush flocks headed north while several smaller flocks of Starling appeared to be feeding locally and moving in the opposite direction.

Small flocks of migrating Wood pigeon continue to pass over and two flocks of what I believe to have been Chaffinch the light being to poor to see any plumage detail. 

Other birds of note were a Green Woodpecker, two GSWP, four Bullfinch and fifteen Pied Wagtail.


Posted November 16th, 2018 at 10:34 am by Steve Hopper in Bird News