Had an altercation with said bird on way to work this morning.Bad timing saw it fly onto dead fox 1/4 mile beyond Abbotsham roundabout north devon towards Clovelly just when a car passed.Seeing that it was in trouble i turned round.When I got to it it was standing but with its head twirling as though stunned.Typically didn't have anything to throw over it i grabbed hold to put in car but it had other intentions and made a big struggle and subsequently sank it's talons into my hand and there is was with a buzzard hanging on with all its strength with a lorry driver behind me wondering what the hell was going on!!!!.Had to literally rip the talons out of my bleeding hand and took to vets.Visually she could see no broken wings so decided to let go and away it flew into nearest trees.Vet cleaned me up and i checked if it was okay and was still there but probably getting over a little concussion so hopefully all is well.Bit different for a  Monday morning!!!.

Posted November 12th, 2018 at 8:47 pm by Robert Marshall in Bird News