Ilfracombe Manx Shearwaters

After an evening out with friends, I stood outside the house admiring the night sky having a quick look up and listening for any Owls or migrating birds, there were flocks of small Waders flying around over the town. I'm guessing Dunlins, Plovers and or Oystercatchers. I was then gobsmacked to hear and see this late in the year six or seven Manx Shearwaters calling heading down out over the town toward the sea. Will be interesting to see if the date coincides with any calling heard on Lundy. 

Eds - This is very odd Manx Shearwaters have all but migrated south now, just the odd individual lingering, to get a group over the town at this time of year would be incredible in its own right  - for them to be calling too even more so.

Posted October 22nd, 2018 at 2:20 am by Martin Thorne in Bird News