Whilst walking around the reserve this morning I looked out on the scrape and was delighted to see a single, unringed Spoonbill. although I was tucked into the trees it saw me and took flight - into the teeth of the strong south-westerly wind. I can't recall any other records this autumn in North Devon (sure I'm wrong!). In the reserve a large bird of prey resolved into a very low-flying Peregrine.

I suspect that it went yesterday but today I didn't see the last Canada Goose, so I guess it has finally jumped ship and I hope joined the rest of the gang out and about. It has been alone since the rest of the family left on 11th August.

Just as I was leaving a big Tit-flock started crossing the meadow and I counted at least 18 Blue Tits, 8 Long-tailed 4 Great, a Goldcrest and a Blackcap among them.

Posted September 21st, 2018 at 1:40 pm by Jon Turner in Bird News