Heathfield Waxwings

Did an early afternoon drive round of all the known/reported  Heathfield / Chudleigh Knighton / Bovey Tracey Waxwing haunts, could only find initially five birds on the A38 opposite Candy Tiles, the birds were again restless and soon moved off back towards Heathfield.

Located a short time later on the roofs and feeding in the rear garden of a property off Musket Road again soon moved off and returned to the A38 site.

Female Sparrow Hawk did a high fly over which alarmed the birds and they sat tight for a while before begining to feed on the central reservation berry shrubs, a further three birds joined this group just before 4pm.

More birders today than Waxwings, no sign of the 40 plus birds seen earlier in the week.

Posted February 14th, 2013 at 9:26 pm by Steve Hopper in Bird News