Saturday 14th Plymouth Boat Trip

This morning 10 members of Plymouth Branch set off from Sutton Harbour on our inaugural 'mini pelagic' aboard 'Happy Days'  Fish oil and rubby-dubby were used to temp the birds in with an almost instant reaction from the Herring Gulls, but closely followed by a raft of 38 Manx Shearwaters. Juvenile Gannets came to look but weren't tempted. A family party of Guillemots came very close in. Back in The Sound we found at least 9 Mediterranean Gulls (5 ad spl, 1 2nd year and 3 juvs) in a party of B-H Gulls of all ages. In all 26 species were counted. A second trip in the afternoon may even have turned up a few more. 

Guillemot FamilyMediterranean & Common Gulls
Guillemot Family                              Mediterranean & Common Gulls

Eds: the 'Common' Gulls in the photo with the Mediterranean Gulls are actually Herring Gulls, note the size difference. 

Posted July 15th, 2018 at 12:33 am by Chris Marcol in Bird News