I had planned a morning ringing in the reserve this morning before the Hoopoe livened up yesterday evening by flying into the reserve - honest!

Doing my net rounds early on I saw Dave Paull and Alex Gladwin over near the gateway and when they were leaving later I went out for a chat - they had seen it near the SW corner of the reserve again. Later on I saw Roger and Lyn Doble, so went tot he gate and as I walked out the Hoopoe flew from the track right in front of me towards them and into the reserve, just near where I have some nets. They both accompanied me  back into the reserve, and I went off round the nets again: no luck!

When I eventually left at about 12.30, I went towards the gateway and there it still was. Took some photos and left. Here is one of the pics.

Hoopoe Velator today.
Hoopoe Velator today.

Posted April 16th, 2018 at 2:00 pm by Jon Turner in Bird News