Mealy Redpoll, Soar

Yesterday morning Ian Teague and I found a Redpoll at Soar. Having plenty of red on the underparts, it was clearly a Lesser or Mealy. We considered the latter but, at the time, concluded it was a Lesser and I posted this amongst other sightings last night. However, I began to have some doubts and after checking my photos and literature, taking advice and re-discussing it with Ian, now feel it is a Mealy Redpoll

Photos attached showing the main features, although we didn't see the under-tail covets. The bird's tail was missing. 

I appreciate how rare Common Redpoll is in Devon, so apologies to local birders for not having sorted this out at the time and therefore not getting the news out earlier. The bird was on the cliff top path in gorse, opposite the gate south of Mid Soar House.

Having said all this, I'm aware - from my Shetland trips - how difficult the Redpoll group is to identify, so any informed views on this bird would be welcome.


Posted April 12th, 2018 at 8:53 am by Pete Aley in Bird News