Heathfield ~Starling murmaration

Just after 4pm a huge huge Starling murmaration over Heathfiled with an estimated 3000 to 4000 birds low over the industrial estate with a female Sparrow hawk menacing the back of the flock at one point.

Eventually the birds dropped into roost in a group of pine trees behind Sparkworld by that time the numbers had risen to an estimated 6000 birds, a Buzzard swooped in attacking birds perched in the top of one of the pines.

The trees are alongside Canon Road and standing there the noise from the calls and wing beats was incredible as the birds were landing and roosting within 10/15 yards from the boundary fence with most of the birds passing low over head as they flew in.

Posted January 13th, 2018 at 5:16 pm by Steve Hopper in Bird News