From 15.00: strolling around Newcombes Meadow (town park), Saw 1 bullfinch in tree by St. Boniface statue, ground-feeding blackbirds by bandstand and 3 goldfinches in trees between the Bowling Green and rear of Methodist Church. Couldn't find redwings I'd seen earlier in winter. In Woodland between top of Deep Lane and top of George Hill there were several singing robins and several blue tit alarm calls, crows at edge of woodland and a woodpecker was heard drumming. Walked down Alexandra Road where I saw a song thrush singing from gardens by Alexandra Close. More robins by the hospital. Walked through Cromwell's Cutting and saw 2 fieldfare along footpath to Moorlake where I also heard a male tawny owl. Didn't see many winter visitors today, but lots of songbirds are singing now.

Posted January 9th, 2018 at 8:57 pm by Andrew Head in Bird News