Start Point 28 November

Following the substantial passage of  intermedius or fuscus Lesser Black-backed Gulls on 27 November at Start Point, I returned on the 28 November to try to  take photos of any stragglers.  Three such gulls passed the point that morning; photos of one gull (necessarily taken into the light) are attached below.  In my opinion, the photos show the characteristics of the nominate Larus fuscus fuscus ('Baltic Gull') as opposed to Larus fuscus intermedius.


Eds: despite the against the light photos not being easy to assess the structure of the bird - particularly bill and extent of head streaking - rule out fuscus (currently only ringed birds accepted anyway) at best perhaps intermedius  but could still be graellsii as there is contrast between primaries and the rest of the upperwing see adjusted photo below.

Posted December 7th, 2017 at 9:00 pm by Michael Woodman Smith in Bird News