East Budleigh

Finally caught up with the possible Italian Sparrow today at 8:30am. It was on the roof of the shed to the right of the feeder that has been set up on Wynards Road. Lots of bird life there to keep me entertained while I was waiting with 28 other species recorded. Question with this bird is will it be accepted? For me the plumage looks very good but without DNA it’s hard to say 100% and it could simply be a House X Tree. It would make a great addition to the British list though as we adopt IOC from January and they treat it as a distinct species. I guess you could debate that all day too? None the less an interesting bird and a big well done must be given to Chris Townsend for his effort in sorting out viewing and taking in to account the residents needs.

Posted November 13th, 2017 at 8:16 pm in Bird News