Clennon Lakes Paignton

A stroll around Clennon Lakes was livened up by some quiet 'tacking' coming from a willow island on lake 2 - exactly where I found a Dusky Warbler in the 1990's. After what seemed like an age the bird popped up on the sunny side of the willows, low, just above the water - indeed it was another another Dusky Warbler mine and the lakes third record!

It was not as vocal as previous birds but did call a lot as it moved from one location to another, showing best from the footpath with the sun behind me. Beware there is also a Cettis Warbler in the same area (much more rufous than the Dusky Warbler).

 Dusky Warbler Clennon Lakes Nov 8th 2017 ML  Dusky Warbler sketch Clennon Lakes Nov 8th 2017 ML Dusky Warbler Clennon Lakes Nov 8th 2017 ML 

Posted November 8th, 2017 at 1:56 pm by Mike Langman in Bird News