Emsworthy update from Devon Wildlife Trust – livestock

Many thanks to Devon Birds members for your Emsworthy Mire records and images. This year’s include great grey shrike, redstarts, cuckoos, ring ouzels, hawfinches, bramblings, golden plovers and many others. It’s a relatively new reserve and your help with building up seasonal species lists (birds and other taxa) is greatly appreciated.
An aggressive cattle incident was reported on this page on Monday. We understand it involved a small band of all-black animals plus calf, lurking across the Becka Brook about 1km NW from the red-roofed barn. (The barn area is where the ouzels and other thrushes are currently feasting on hawthorn.) The fence is new, so the uninvited cows must have entered the reserve through an open gate. We’re tracing their owner. Meanwhile please proceed with caution in the fields north of the ponds, and close any gates left open by other visitors. Please email ataylor@devonwildlifetrust.org with any further information. Thanks again – Andrew Taylor (voluntary warden).

Posted November 8th, 2017 at 7:09 am by Andrew Taylor in Bird News