East Soar

An exciting morning! Brief views of a vocal Dusky Warbler in the low scrub just below the crags at the top of Starehole Valley (by the path sometimes known as the "Goat Track"). Present for just a few minutes at c8.45am then lost and unfortunately not re-located. Loosely part of a wave of Firecrests, Goldcrests and Chiffchaffs that were making their way up the valley. Astonishing numbers of Firecrests with a minimum of 15 during the morning and probably in excess of 20 altogether. Otherwise, 3 late Swallows, 2 Wheatears, a few Chiffchaffs, Goldcrests and Blackcaps and several Siskins.

Posted October 15th, 2017 at 3:59 pm by Andy Smith in Bird News