Only a few Godwits on the scrape this morning (9?) plus a Ruff. In the reserve, a Kingfisher and a brief visit from a juvenile Grey Heron. As soon as it saw me it was off!

However, I had some recovery details from the BTO today concerning Reed Warblers. The first was one I ringed on 7th May this year, which turned up in a mist net at Kilpaison Marsh, Rhoscrowther Pembrokeshire on 29th May , so 22 days after ringing, just a quick hop over the Bristol Channel. The second Reed Warbler was also re-trapped there, on 18th June this year, this one was ringed in the reserve (as an adult) on 23rd May 2015. That's 757 days after ringing. The recovery site is 88kms from Braunton.

Posted September 20th, 2017 at 8:17 pm by Jon Turner in Bird News