Man Sands and Berry Head

Sorry about the late post (from Thursday!):

First of all we went to Man Sands. The following is what I saw today: a possible male and female eider (distant views so could have been a species of scoter), 4 or 5 shags/cormorants (three of these were flying overhead), 1 or more great black-backed gulls, 2 or more wood pigeons, 6 mallards (4 adults and 2 young), some swallows, 2 or more herring gulls, some linnets, 2 stonechats, some house martins and 1 or more kestrels (only one was seen at a time but there could have been more). Then on to Berry Head where we saw: a kestrel, gulls, some linnets, 1 or more possible cormorants/shags, some magpies, 1 or more crows/rooks and some feral pigeons. 

Posted August 12th, 2017 at 7:24 pm by Samuel Gray in Bird News