Emsworthy Mire

Almost as soon as we started walking we had a quick view of a male sparrowhawk (at this point we didn't know what it was). It flew into the bushes so I followed it and had a quick but oh-so-beautiful viewing of this amazing bird plucking an unidentified prey item. We were also lucky enough to see a spotted flycatcher. We only saw one at a time but are very sure that there were more about. Other bird species that we saw here include: marsh or willow tit (probably marsh), blue tit, goldcrest, wood pigeon, wren, possible great tit, stonechat, nuthatch, robin, goldfinch, quick views of a possible (very likely) swallow, buzzard, chaffinch and chiffchaff/willow warbler.

Posted August 3rd, 2017 at 9:19 pm by Samuel Gray in Bird News