Dawlish warren

Watched from 15:15 till 19:00

A wet and windy afternoon produced an execellent few hours sea watching the highlight was just before 18:00 just before a heavy pulse of rain started to move through picked up a group of 7 Skuas( 5 Arctic, 2 great ) just behind them a large shearwater appeared but before I could confirm Id it was lost  in the heavy rain.

The afternoon had started with a group of 4 storm petrels and a steady passage gave final count of 37+ , the main theme was a lot of Skuas the most numerous was Arctic Skua with 42+ ( just before I left 8 were on the sea and another 7 were flying in great to watch ) an impressive 11+ Pomarine Skua some very close, 8+ great skua.

Tern passage was strong all afternoon the majority were sandwich and common terns but one group of common terns close in also included 3 Artcic terns.

The supporting cast included 6+ Mediterranean gulls, 5 knot, 4 whimbrel , 26+ common gulls. 35+ common Scoter and a few Manx shearwaters.

An excellent afternoons birding 

Posted August 2nd, 2017 at 9:52 pm by Keith Birchall in Bird News