Crow point to river caen mouth

A change of venue today,  I wanted to see the spoonbills, which I only saw 1 flying over, but saw one. Lots of plovers with turnstones mixed in,  3 whimbrel, 2 curlew numerous egrets, cormorant, Mediterranean gulls?  And a surprise 6 possibly 7 eider duck and very noisy oystercatchers. 

Eider duck massivly cropped.   Mediterranean Gull ? Little egret
Eider duck massivly cropped.                   Mediterranean Gull ?                                 Little egret

Eds - its a moulting Black-headed Gull - dark red legs, fine dark red bill and black wedge up inner edge of primaries all rule out Med Gull of similar age

Posted July 30th, 2017 at 7:03 pm by Philip worth in Bird News