Baggy Point diver

It is a Red-throated Diver - by far the easiest way to sort out a Black-throated from Red-throated diver is the amount of white and dark on the neck this bird shows way too much white for a Black-throated Diver. Red-throated looks mostly white necked with a thin blackish or dark line down the rear of the neck so even from a back end view, white should be seen on both sides of the neck. A black-throated will appear entirely dark necked from a rear view as the dark neck sides leave only a thin wedge of white on the front of the neck. Black-throated are also much more club shaped in the head with a thinner neck. black throated are also much darker around the face than Red-throated Diver.

So from the angle that Rob took the photo a Black-throated Diver whould probably only show a very limited amount of white on the neck and a little more (but no where near as much as this bird) white on the face.

Far too much emphisis is put on the flank markings for Black-throated Diver although they always show this feature (which Robs bird doesn't) Red-throated can show equally white thigh marks too.

Posted January 6th, 2013 at 1:22 pm by Mike Langman in Bird News