Cuckoo Ball - Bittaford

Just for Chris M, as he mentions the bird, a pic I took yesterday of a bright yellowhammer, one of 3 I saw in the Cuckoo Ball area. Also a linnet and meadow pipit. I also saw a wheatear, several skylark, a jay and 2 buzzard, together with an all too brief sight of the reported woodchat shrike on barbed wire, near where Chris  looks to have taken his photo. Sadly it flew off as I approached and I could not relocate it. This area is fairly close to me, but I have not visited before. I gained access by taking the first lane on the right after leaving Bittaford towards Ivybridge. There is limited parking at the top of the lane giving direct access to the Moor. Cuckoo Ball is behind the old Moorhaven Hospital. Tom M, who I met there yesterday before I saw the shrike, had walked in from another access site at Wrangaton Golf Club. Hope that helps any other birders visiting for the first time.

Yellowhammer - Cuckoo Ball - 13/5/2017Linnet - Cuckoo Ball - 13/5/2017Meadow Pipit -Cuckoo Ball - 13/5/2017
           Yellowhammer                                           Linnet                          Meadow Pipit -Cuckoo Ball - 13/5/2017

Posted May 14th, 2017 at 7:17 pm by David Pakes in Bird News