Tawny Owlet at Paignton Zoo, 3 May 2017

At Piagnton Zoo this afternoon, I witnessed a pair of Crows mobbing a branched Tawny Owlet in a tree close to the Tiger enclosure. I contacted reception to see if they could send someone to rescue the owlet before it was forced into the Tiger enclosure. Unfortunately the Owlet was forced into the enclosure before help arrived but the keepers were able to call in the tigers and rescue the Owlet. The adult Tigers were disinterested but the cub attempted to play with the owlet much like any cat does with a bird and it was interested to see the Owlet rear, spread its wings and hiss, somewhat bemusing the cub. The Owlet was on its feet when rescued and looked OK but was taken straight off to the Zoo vet for a checkup.

Posted May 3rd, 2017 at 5:44 pm by Bob Telford in General Birding