Whale sighted off Slapton beach

Called at Slapton to see whether storm Doris had forced any unusual seabirds to take refuge on the Ley. On arrival at the beach car park someone pointed out a whale and the Gannets were feeding close to the shore as well. At first consensus seemed to point to Minke Whale, some people mentioned one had been seen in the are the previous day. However, checking these pictures it would seem to me to be a Humpback Whale, though I am by no means an expert. Also 2 Harbour Porpoises and 1 Seal. With the whale and the Gannets I never made it to the Ley itself.

Humpback Whale? Humpback Whale? Humpback Whale tail fluke?

Humpback Whale?                                                       Humpback Whale tail fluke?

Eds: yes it is a Humpback!

Posted February 23rd, 2017 at 7:03 pm by Bob Telford in Bird News