White-fronted Geese - South Huish Marsh + Firecrest at South Milton Ley

The 2 White Fronted Geese flew in with Canadas, from adjacent fields at about 11am! Sorry Jon T! There again, did miss your cranes when I came up N.Devon! Otherwise the birdlife at South Huish remains much the same as it has been for a few weeks now. Only other highlight being a Water Pipit. I spent a couple of hours at South Milton Ley this afternoon, checking out the numerous mobile and feeding Chiffchaffs. Difficult to count, but there are at least 30 and possibly as many as 50, scattered both within the STW and in the surrounding hedges. There is tremendous colour variation amongst them. Most of them greenish/yellow. Many are rung and at least 2 are pale and greyish and could well have been the confirmed tristis  at this location. Had a walk lower down round the area cut by the volunteers on Saturday. Good work and an enjoyable day! Put up a couple of mallard from one of the nearby small wet areas by the shed. Just shows the potential for reinstatement of the former ponds at this location! On the walk back found a rung Firecrest in amongst more of the chiffchaff! Sadly only a poor record shot.

Posted February 20th, 2017 at 6:29 pm by David Pakes in Bird News