Waxwing and Firecrest

A first light visit to Alphington gave the reported nine Waxwings frequenting Sainsbury’s, unfortunately the light simply did not improve but the birds were so confiding all the gathering birders had good close up views, a pity that some bird photographers had to encroach closer than any societies guide lines would find reasonable or even acceptable.


On to Exmouth later in the morning, a mixed flock of duck just off one of the shore cars parks made up of 14 Wigeon, 4 Mallard and 35+ Pintails, further out and all along the coastal area Brent Geese, Shellduck, Curlew, Oyster Catcher, Turnstone, Dunlin, small number of Godwit and numerous numbers of Cormorant.

As described in a post earlier in the week both Firecrest located in the deep cover behind the cricket ground, in view for some time but rarely showing clearly, in the same area a mixed tit flock including Long Tails, Great, Blue and Coal, one wren and a Song Thrush.

Posted January 15th, 2017 at 6:07 pm by Steve Hopper in Bird News