Clored tagged Godwits Bowling Marsh Green

On Monday 10th December I photograhed several large flocks of Black Tailed Godwits on Bowling Marsh Green, Topsham, on checking the images I found that two of the birds phographed had coloured plastic leg tag rings on both legs, which I recorded as orange/red/orange.

I was given an email address for a Peter Potts and sent the images and informtion to Peter his reply is as below.

Many thanks for the godwit photos and sighting. The bird you saw was ringed on the Axe at Seaton, East Devon. The godwits ringed there have YRY on the right upper leg and 3 colour-rings opposite on the left leg. There is a bird that has lost a ring previously seen and photographed at Bowling Green Marsh which is the bird you saw RO+YRY.

I have interpreted ORO as YRY as I am sure it is this bird and we don’t have a scheme with ORO on right – and yellow and orange can get confused as can red and orange!

I can see two ringed godwits in our photo probably both from Seaton.

Hope to hear from you again with more sightings. Best wishes Pete

Posted December 13th, 2012 at 6:05 pm by Steve HOPPER in Bird News