Leucistic Buzzard at Braunton

Whilst en route to Horsey Island today I spotted this buzzard sat on a fence in a field on the dual carriageway between Barnstaple and Braunton. We quickly did a U turn and I ran across the dual carriageway with my camera, flushing the bird as I ran. I managed to get a couple of shots anyway. It was almost pure white on the chest and head. An interesting leucistic colouring. Didn't get to see either the Caspian Tern or the Wryneck at Horsey Island but did spot the Dalmation Pelican in the distance. On the marsh by the white house I spotted the Glossy Ibis and a Spotted Redshank, hanging out with four Greenshank.

Posted October 9th, 2016 at 8:01 pm by Steph Murphy in Bird News