Taw Estuary + Horsey Island

While I was out bird watching Horsey Island late aft / early evening Richard & Pete who were at Broadsands car park near the White House reported seeing a very large white bird with an orange bill & black wing tips on a sand bank on the Taw Estuary which was moved on by the incoming spring tide & then flew past them in the direction of Horsey Island!

After a thorough cross examination by me which lasted about 15 minutes it was decided it was definitely a Pelican. I then said " if only it would fly over Horsey & land on the flood water" A few minutes later much to my amazement it did!

At approx.18.30 it was back on Taw Estuary again.

2 Chiloe Wigeon still on Horsey.

Posted September 30th, 2016 at 9:58 pm by Rob Jutsum in Bird News