Hobby return ~ South Brent

Those who read the article “A Hobby Story” that appeared in Devon Birds Vol 6991) in April 2016 may be interested to read that this evening the Hobby has returned.

Just on 7pm while eating my evening meal I saw what I thought was a Kestrel flash past the kitchen window at low level, on stepping outside I realised that I was looking at a Hobby making low level passes across my garden and house field, the bird responded to my whistle and went into a series of amazing acrobatic manoeuvres.

As with last year’s return it was do I grab the camera or some food? Well food came first followed by the camera the poor light levels by that time were not conducive to quality photography.

After several minutes of display the bird drifted out of sight but was back again within 15 minutes again giving a thrilling aerial display, its mastery of the air was simply beyond remarkable, it then landed in a tree across the field about 70 yards away.

Around 7.45pm I realised that one of the food items that I had placed out for it had been taken, with that the bird made a low level pass over my head and soared above the field before going into another acrobatic routine. I placed another item of food out in the field on one of my falconry posts and the bird immediately began to dive at it, my wife then joined me and we spent several minutes watching the Hobby as it made high speed passes over the post, we gained the opinion that it was not really hungry but simply “playing”, it eventually came in and took the offered food item and by that time it was starting to get dark, a wonderful way to end the day……..

Posted September 13th, 2016 at 8:17 pm by Steve Hopper in Bird News