Exminster Marshes

The main lane from the Swan's Nest pub is still flooded at the S bend. Some cars were going through but most were not. When I walked through the water was close to the top of my wellies.

But it was worth it. Hundreds of wigeon and teal, covering the many wet pools. I also saw tufted duck, (12+), pintail, shoveller, pochard and coots. In addition to the waterfowl there were lapwing (c30), curlew (70) and redshank. In the lane 4 or 5 chiffchaffs, one stonechat and one goldcrest. I suspect the pipit, hiding in tall vegetation, near the bends in the lane was a water pipit but I could not get a good view.

Lots of blackbirds on the berry bushes (at least 30), one fieldfare and a few redwings. I heard water rails calling at 4 locations and a Cettis at one.

Posted December 1st, 2012 at 5:49 pm by John Waldon in Bird News