Exminster Marshes

The flood water was slightly lower today than yesterday but still too high to walk to the canal. From Station Road there were lots of birds to see including huge flocks of black-headed gulls, over 100 redshank, 50+ dunlin and c200 lapwing. A single spotted redshank was unusual as was a black-necked grebe on flood water opposite the Lions Rest Estate. Otherewise plenty of wigeon, teal, shoveller and a few tufted duck. A peregrine occasionally left its perch on the pylon to cause panic. In one of the gateways, under water, was a mass of earth worms - many hundred, this might explain the huge number of birds. I saw only one chiffchaff.

Posted January 5th, 2016 at 11:59 am by John Waldon in Bird News