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Posted January 8th at 9:12 pm by Pete Aley in General Birding

Dawlish Warren

Continued erosion at Dawlish Warren means visitors are reminded to take extra care when visiting. Access along the site, to and from the bird hide and Warren Point, is via the beach only, with a risk of being cut off for a period either side of high water! Further information is available on the Teignbridge District Council website.

Posted November 9th, 2018 at 11:08 am by Mike Daniels in General Birding


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Posted October 10th, 2016 at 9:14 am by George & Julia Harris in General Birding

Saturday 4th April 2020

Fremington Pill

In response to Keith Mcginnes's(KM) post (Redshank with ring and tag. I photographed three large groups totalling fifty or more Redshanks along Fremington Pill on 29 March and haven just seen KMs post I decided to look back at my photos and can see the same bird in one of the groups. The Red tag look like it has a number 8 on it.

The small group of Red shanks with the tagged bird.
The small group of Red shanks with the tagged bird.

Posted yesterday at 10:16 pm by Martin Bennett in General Birding

Osprey Taw/Torridge Estuary

Saturday 5.30 pm. Suddenly appeared at mouth of estuary as I was photographing a flock of plovers. Watched for 10 minutes as it flew leisurely up estuary towards Instow and Appledore then headed up the Taw towards Yelland. Also on the Burrows, several pairs of wheatear. 

Osprey appears
Osprey appears

Osprey...record shot
Osprey...record shot


Posted yesterday at 10:09 pm by Sue Ambler in Scarce / Rare Birds & Passage Counts

North coast around Berrynarbor

An early morning walk from home revealed quite a nice little fall of warblers, including at least 22 Willow Warblers – most concentraing on feeding rather than singing – and over 20 Chiffchaffs and Blackcaps too, including the first females I've seen this spring. Other migrants included a male Wheatear and 7 Sand Martins zipping W along the cliffs, whilst in the garden a male Crossbill dropped in to drink for the second day running.

Posted yesterday at 8:29 pm by Tim Jones in General Birding

Exminster Marshes

Whilst enjoying my exercise managed to see an osprey over the Turf and heard a very early sedge warbler on the canal bank at mid day.

Later a single house martin over the garden in Exminster.

Posted yesterday at 6:58 pm by John Waldon in General Birding


Walked down to Plymbridge. a pair of Grey Wagtails and a pair of Mandarin Ducks on the river. G.S. Woodpeckers drumming, Jays, Magpies ,Blue, Great and Marsh tits, Song thrushes and Nuthatches, half a dozen late Redwings.

Back across the golf course to Plympton. Greenfinches, Goldfinches and Linnets. Lovely to see and hear the Skylarks. 

Posted yesterday at 6:28 pm by bob barrow in General Birding

Harleston by Slapton

Garden Watch:  Highlight today was a migrant Goshawk soaring high overhead this morning for a couple of minutes before drifting off west. Also: 12 Common Buzzards moving NE throughout the day much to the chagrin of the resident pair. One of the pair talon-grappled with one migrant, haven't seen this since Red Kites in Wales many moons ago; Green Woodpecker, 2 Great Spotted Woodpeckers, Mistle Thrush & 2 singing Chiffchaffs - not bad for the garden!!

Posted yesterday at 4:37 pm by Rob Macklin in Scarce / Rare Birds & Passage Counts

Barnstaple to fremington Quay 11:30 to 12:00

Daily exercise bike ride - Still two Cattle egrets in field on Bickington side of the Tarka trail.

Posted yesterday at 3:39 pm by Roy Churchill in General Birding

Fremington Pill

Redshank yellow ring and orange tag HAE

Posted yesterday at 2:43 pm by Keith mcginnes in General Birding

Fremington Pill

Redshank with yellow ring and orange tag

Posted yesterday at 1:57 pm by Keith mcginnes in General Birding


2 Swallows flying past this morning.

Posted yesterday at 12:40 pm by Rob Jutsum in General Birding

Friday 3rd April 2020

Countess weir and exminster

7 sand martin following the river across countess weir with around 25 over exminster marshes.  Good Nadal's off teal, wigeon  and a pair of Pintail. 

Posted April 3rd at 11:26 pm by Nik Ward in General Birding

Tavistock-walking along the Tavy and the Canal

My lockdown exercise has involved walking from home  through the Meadows and along the Tavistock canal towards Crowndale Farm. I have been posting nature photographs on the Tavistock Parish facebook page. Feedback has been very positive and I have realised how they are being enjoyed by lots of people including those who are self-isolating for 12 weeks. My journey started on the 24th March. I have attached a selection of my photos/finds.Common birds will feature greatly!

Treecreeper, Redwing (one of six seen 1st April) , Noctule Bat (seen midday 26 March)

Tawny Owl and Chiffchaff ( 2 poses)

 Sparrowhawk, Marsh Tit, Long-tailed Tit


Posted April 3rd at 11:11 pm by Tony Marchese in General Birding


Go this image of a Blackbird near my home.

Male Blackbird
Male Blackbird

Posted April 3rd at 10:19 pm by Martin Bennett in General Birding


Just 5 minutes or so from my house were Blue tits, a Great tit, 2 Long tail tits, a couple of Robins, a few Blackbirds, Collared doves, Wood pigeons, Magpies, Crows, Jackdows and a couple of Wrens.

Great Tit
Great Tit

Long-tailed Tit
Long-tailed Tit

Blue Tit
Blue Tit

Posted April 3rd at 10:17 pm by Martin Bennett in General Birding


In my Garden were a good number of House sparrows, 2 Magpies, a Blackbird nesting in a shrub, a Blue tit nesting in a nest box.  The nest box is fitted with a wireless colour camera with sound.

Male House sparrow
Male House sparrow

Female House sparrow
Female House sparrow

Blue tit with nest material
Blue tit with nest material

Posted April 3rd at 10:06 pm by Martin Bennett in General Birding

Evening swallows CoombeMartin

Sat in the garden early evening, 19.37 , 4 swallows flew over east to west.

Posted April 3rd at 7:43 pm by Philip worth in General Birding

Cann Woods LNR, Plymouth.

A walk around a Local Nature Reserve this afternoon:-

3 Nuthatch, 2 Chiffchaff, a pair of Bullfinch, several singing Blackcap, a Pheasant feeding in the undergrowth, a Song Thrush in full song, 1 Goldcrest, 3 Jackdaw, blue/Great/Long Tailed tits, and 3 Buzzard overhead.

'Grey' Chiffchaff (tristis/abietinus/fulvescens)
'Grey' Chiffchaff (tristis/abietinus/fulvescens)


Posted April 3rd at 7:36 pm by Alan Livsey in General Birding

South Brent two day round up

Some more interesting birds around the house yesterday, still no Swallows, but a hunting Sparrowhawk seen at height, as I watched it folded its wings and dropped like a bullet after some unsuspecting prey item.
A male Blackcap I spotted yesterday was back in the same Oak tree on Hillside, again singing for all he was worth.
Saw a GSWP drop into another Oak tree and within moments a Green Woodpecker flew in and landed in almost 
the same spot then I heard a Chiffchaff calling.
The Italian type sparrow sp has been around the feeders and nice to see a Wren working its way in and out of the cracks and gaps on a stone wall.... Overnight a Tawny owl calling.
Today 3rd April, fly past from five Canada Geese, Raven overhead, at one point not less than eight soaring Buzzards one of which was repeatedly displaying coming down from great height in a vertical stoop.
Blackcap on station again as yesterday and photographed as I watched it a Buzzard flushed a Green Woodpecker which landed across the field in an Ash tree which already contained a Song Thrush, so some record shots at
best, Chiffchaff calling but stayed out of sight and a single Redwing this afternoon. 
The Italian type sparrow has been a regular on the feeders today and I actually managed to get a half decent in flight shot of it at long last.
My buddy Keith on his local exercise walk picked up a Chiffchaff and got some nice images of it in full song.
And to rub salt into a wound my non birding daughter Lucy who has taken up birding to entertain her two children has had three Swallows turn up at White Oxen near Rattery today.
And my first orange tipped butterfly of the season spotted in the garden.

Posted April 3rd at 6:52 pm by Steve Hopper in General Birding


Out on the scrape this morning, 4 Snipe, 15 or so Teal, and 12 Godwits. One of which looked like a Bar-tailed Godwit. Don't see them out here very often! Again no Sand Martins.

Posted April 3rd at 6:29 pm by Jon Turner in General Birding

Venn Ottery Common /Reserve. East Devon

Green Woodpecker poo if I am not mistaken!

Venn Ottery Common was very quite this morning other than a Buzzard, a pair of Ravens, a few Chiffchaff and Blackcaps singing and a Green Woodpecker calling.  Some common woodland birds missing. 

Posted April 3rd at 2:47 pm by Jonathan Ruscoe in General Birding

River Bovey

On my early morning walk today it seems that the dippers are feeding young in the nest.  Was surprised to see a redwing.  More chiffchaffs singing, but not blackcaps.

Posted April 3rd at 12:28 pm by Margaret Harland in General Birding

Osprey - Buckfastleigh area

Rob Dart left a message this morning to say there was an Osprey heading WNW just after 0700. He also saw a Red Kite over last week.

Posted April 3rd at 10:00 am by Mark Darlaston in Scarce / Rare Birds & Passage Counts

Dippers - Ide

A pair of dippers on the Alphinbrook nr Ide

Posted April 3rd at 8:44 am by Jacquie Butler in General Birding

Thursday 2nd April 2020


In garden today 

GoldfinchLong-tailed TitPeacock
Goldfinch                   Long-tailed Tit                      Peacock

Posted April 2nd at 10:35 pm by Geoff Mitchell in Other Wildlife

Postbridge to Manaton

Male Wheatear, several Stonechats and a Stock Dove today on the way to Manaton delivering shopping.

Posted April 2nd at 10:22 pm by Charlie Imms in General Birding

Hope cove lunchtime

From the garden at work a sparrowhawk flew over several times, a couple of ravens flew past which the herring gulls did not seem to appreciate. 2 mute swans on the sea.

SparrowhawkRaven & Herring gullMagpie
Sparrowhawk                        Raven & Herring gull                              Magpie

Posted April 2nd at 7:51 pm by Richie Moore in General Birding

Slapton. Sands - Torcross end.

5 smart male Wheatears on the sea defence boulders this morning. On the Ley 1m. and 1f. Goldeneye still remaining.

Posted April 2nd at 7:42 pm by Alan K. Searle. in General Birding

Exeter - Turf

Miscellaneous observations from this morning's walk down the towpath and back:

Blackcap song audible for much of the way, perhaps twenty birds in total, with double that of Chiff-Chaffs, and half a dozen Cetti's;

at Countesswear, a Green sandpiper was in the river, and at Matford ponds the Little Grebe was trilling away, with a pair of Stock Doves in the dead Oaks. The rookery now has an outpost on the East bank of the river opposite the sewage works (don't remember seeing them there before);

on Exminster marshes, a Peregrine was on one of the pylons, two small groups of Sand Martins headed North, three Gadwall were near the fishermans' car park (a very belated year tick for me), three Water Rails squealed from the ditches, and, in the distance, the Lapwings were very active in display and harrying the intruding crows;

in the estuary, around 50 Golden Plover were still present, sounding more mournful than ever, and a distant dark dot bouncing in the waves was, I think, the Slavonian Grebe in Summer plumage, although I have not seen it in the upper estuary before.

Posted April 2nd at 4:25 pm by James Camden in General Birding

FPC 02-04-20

A quite friendly Rose-ringed parakeet by the feeders. Nothing much else of notice apart from the usual Magpies, Crows and a Raven calling, plenty of bird sounds, but not much seen.

Posted April 2nd at 3:44 pm by Greg Bradbury in General Birding

Fremington Pill

Morning walk around Fremington Pill, Highlights today were Kingfisher and Spotted Redshank. 

Posted April 2nd at 3:15 pm by Paul Bearman in General Birding

South Brent

An addition to the recent Redwing fest was a group of 10 feeding near Underhill, South Brent this morning. Perhaps some of those that flew over Lipson in the night?

Posted April 2nd at 2:48 pm by Peter Reay in General Birding


Red-crested Pochard on the pond still this morning. Now 9 Black-tailed Godwits out on the scrape, along with 16 Teal and the territorially aggressive Swans and Geese. The Sand Martins seem to have gone back south again.

Posted April 2nd at 1:47 pm by Jon Turner in General Birding

Widey woods

About a dozen Redwing having a rest in the tree tops before heading west.

Posted April 2nd at 1:29 pm by Mike Williams in General Birding

Fremington Pill

Morning walk around Fremington Pill, Highlights today were Kingfisher and Spotted Redshank. 

Posted April 2nd at 12:59 pm by Paul Bearman in General Birding

Nocturnal Migration

Partly in response to Perry. Working at home has meant that I have a bit of time to get back into some nocturnal migration recording. Last night was pretty good with a total of 68 Redwing and a single Fieldfare as well as a single Meadow Pipit over Lipson in Plymouth. Redwings started about 1:30 AM and continued until dawn and included what appeared to be at least one largish flock.

Posted April 2nd at 11:47 am by Rich Billington in General Birding

West Charleton

6 Redwings flew over garden early this morning. Late for here.

Posted April 2nd at 9:26 am by Perry Sanders in General Birding

Wednesday 1st April 2020

EXmminster marshes

A quick cycle down the canal to Exminster Marshes around 25 Sand martin and 4 Swallow were the highlights. Several chiffchaff singing as well as 2 Blackcap in song. only one Cettis warbler heard. still good numbers of Teal, Wigeon and Shelduck

Posted April 1st at 9:44 pm by Nik Ward in General Birding

River Otter near Honiton

A walk around the River Otter just South of Honiton resulted in a couple of surprises. 2 Red Breasted Mergansers and 8-10 Fieldfares still hanging around. Nice also to see 3 Little Egrets and a Kingfisher.

Eds: It seems an awfully long way from the coast to see Red-breasted Mergansers - Goosander is much more likely?

Posted April 1st at 9:31 pm by Ryan K in General Birding

South Brent

The 1st April gave a good birding return from around my garden feed station and three fields at home at South Brent with 34 species being recorded.

The highlight of the day was finding a male Blackcap in full song close to a hedge corner where they have bred for the last two years.

4 Wren, 19 Blackbird, 31 House Sparrow plus the would be Italian Sparrow, 3 Redwing, 3 Song Thrush, 11 Great Tit one checking out a nest box, 22 Wood pigeon, 15 Jackdaw, 16 Chaffinch with several males in full song, Raven, Buzzard, Jay,10 Blue Tit with four nest boxes occupied or being checked out,         7 Robin, a pair of Bullfinch, flyover Pied and Grey Wagtail, GSWP drumming, Green Woodpecker calling since first light, a pair of fly over Mallard, several Canada Goose fly overs from first light.

Late afternoon a strung out flock of 94 Jackdaw flying over towards the village.

An evening walk round the fields gave a Pipistrelle bat, 2 rabbits and just after 8pm as dusk was falling a late patrolling Peregrine over the house field.

Posted April 1st at 8:26 pm by Steve Hopper in General Birding

River Otter near Honiton

A walk around the River Otter just South of Honiton resulted in a couple of surprises. 2 Red Breasted Mergansers and 8-10 Fieldfares still hanging around. Nice also to see 3 Little Egrets and a Kingfisher.

Posted April 1st at 6:34 pm by Ryan K in General Birding

Whimple (East Devon).

All white bird, with dark eye reported from Whimple and presumed to be leucistic House Sparrow, unless told otherwise

Not much going on around Marsh Green.  First Chiffchaff and Blackcaps heard a few days ago and Green Woodpecker calling regularly. 

Thanks to Peter Howard and team for superb Devon Birds Report 2018 and to Mike Lock as Editor for his outstanding Reports over many years.  

Posted April 1st at 2:28 pm by Jonathan Ruscoe in General Birding

Widey woods Plymouth a 2 minute walk from home

Nice to see a male blackcap and goldcrest this morning I put a couple of nest boxes up in the wood yesterday so shall be watching those on my trips in the wood 

Posted April 1st at 10:23 am by Mike Williams in General Birding


Up on the roof doing some essential repairs when all hell broke loose amongst the Herring Gulls. An Osprey flew overhead and then down river towards Instow. A new bird for my garden list!

Stay safe everyone!

Posted April 1st at 9:44 am by Martin Unwin in General Birding

Tuesday 31st March 2020


Female Wigeon and drake Red-crested Pochard on Wrafton Pond this morning. Out on the scrape now 6 Black-tailed Godwits (a couple in summer plumage) Plus 24 Teal, 2 Shelduck 12 Canada Geese, 4 Pied Wagtail. Nearby several Chiffchaffs and a couple of Willow Warblers singing.

Posted March 31st at 1:46 pm by Jon Turner in General Birding

Widey woods Plymouth 1/4/2020

Couple of new birds this morning make sparrow hawk .chiffchaff.and jays busy collecting nesting material 

Posted March 31st at 10:03 am by Mike Williams in General Birding

Monday 30th March 2020

Fremington Pill

Popped out to Fremington Pill this afternoon. Saw a couple of Little Egrets, a single Curlew, a Spotted Redshank, a Greenshank and a couple of Shelduck, In the trees on the other side of the river I could hear a Green Woodpecker and on my way home a Chiffchaff  called out.

Curlew                                              Greenshank

Posted March 30th at 7:27 pm by Martin Bennett in General Birding

South-west Chudleigh

Over 5 'exercise' walks from home in the last 10 days (to compensate for not being in the Antarctic!), I've been counting birds between the SW edge of Chudleigh town and the River Teign. I finally got around to using the BTO's BirdTrack app* and have notched up 41 species, the highlights of which have been: a pair of Mandarin Ducks, 3 Stock Doves, 1 Moorhen (unexpected on the Teign), 2 Lesser Black-backed Gulls (moving N), Kingfisher, a pair of Dippers displaying, 5 Chiffchaffs, 4 Blackcaps, Grey Wagtail, Bullfinch, 3 Roe Deer, 2 Rabbits (rare here these days) and a bat flying in daylight.

* The app is excellent and allows you to easily record what you see as you go along and then upload the data when you get home. A great way to make use of the records you gather as you're birding, and I believe the records come back to Devon Birds at some point. And you can record mammals and dragonflies as well!

Posted March 30th at 5:29 pm by Dave Smallshire in General Birding


Quick look at the scrape this morning - much as yesterday but 5 Black-tailed Godwits too.

Posted March 30th at 1:41 pm by Jon Turner in General Birding

River Otter, Weston

Pair Goosander, pair Grey Wagtail. Also 2 Angleshades moths sunning on our windowsill in Honiton. 

Posted March 30th at 12:39 pm by Andy Rook in General Birding

Fieldfares - Kingsteignton

Nine Fieldfare heading north into the headwind over Kingsteignton at 0845hrs

Posted March 30th at 12:32 pm by JDA in General Birding

Sunday 29th March 2020

Widey woods Plymouth 29 03 2020

My very local patch produced buzzard jay long tailed tit bullfinch and the usual woodland suspects 

Posted March 29th at 9:19 pm by Mike Williams in General Birding

Duty of care to our NHS staff.

While it is good for the well being of us all to get out and about, we must consider our NHS staff. So where we go, how long we stay outside, who we go with or meet should be kept to a minimum and while you are out be sensible about maintaining the Social Distance.

Posted March 29th at 6:19 pm by Martin Bennett in General Birding


A Wren sunning itself along the footpath

Posted March 29th at 4:20 pm by Martin Bennett in General Birding


On my home I took the foot path between Tews Lane and Maple Grove.

 I saw and heard a lot of different types of birds,  a Bullfinch, Greenfinch, Goldfinch, a number of Wrens, a Blackcap some tits  

Chaffinch                       Greenfinch                             Goldfinch

Posted March 29th at 4:17 pm by Martin Bennett in General Birding

Fremington Pill

Popped out to Fremington Quay this morning for my daily exorcise and  took my camera to help me build muscle tone you know!

GreenshankSpotted RedshankLittle Egret
Greenshank                      Spotted Redshank                          Little Egret

Posted March 29th at 4:05 pm by Martin Bennett in General Birding

Fremington Pill

Roost of about 12 Little Egrets in the trees at the top of the Pill, 10+ shelduck, 20 redshank and 1 swallow seen this morning whilst on daily exercise this morning. 

Posted March 29th at 3:35 pm by Paul Bearman in General Birding


Daily exercise ride to the pond and scrape, which was very busy. several Sand Martins hunting insects in the shelter of the railway embankment footpath. On the scrape a Shelduck, 2 Shoveler 27 Teal, 2 Pied Wagtail 17 Canada Geese, 2 Swans. By Wrafton pond a lone singing Willow Warbler livened up my day.

Posted March 29th at 2:02 pm by Jon Turner in General Birding

Early morning in Exeter

Early morning dog-walking from St. Davids to Trews Weir and back - several singing Chiffchaff, Great Crested Grebes and my first Swallow of the year: one around the canal basin and later at the Millenium Bridge (probably the same bird).

Posted March 29th at 12:32 pm by Martin Overy in General Birding

Collaton St Mary

Seen from our bedroom window at 9.15 this morning in the lane - 2 Red-legged Partridges.Last seen here in April 2005. In 2003 they successfully bred in the church graveyard.

Chiichaffs have arrived but still await returning Swallows  and House Martins

Posted March 29th at 11:44 am by David Leigh in General Birding

South Brent

From home this morning a Peregrine falcon in after my racing pigeons !!! Followed a few minutes later by another sighting of a Red Kite, looking at the state of its tail and wing moult it's the same bird that was seen here yesterday.

Bird No.23 of the day being the would be cock Italian Sparrow sp that has been visiting since January.

Heron overhead and a GSWP started the day just on sunrise.

Posted March 29th at 11:23 am by Steve Hopper in General Birding

Garden lockdown list

I'm up to 21 species seen from my Modbury garden during this terrible time. Some of them very distant and seen through my scope. 4 species of corvid (no jay yet) a stock dove flying over, a distant little egret in flight and a male blackcap which was in the garden and a first for the year for me. Also a distant buzzard the rest are the usual garden visitors. Seeing if I can beat my rival and arch nemesis Rob Murphy who is on 22. 

Posted March 29th at 7:39 am by Richie Moore in General Birding

Garden insects

A nice dotted Bee-fly in the garden today, they seem to like primroses. They are heralds of spring appearing on sunny days in March and April.It is associated with larger colonies of spring-flying mining bees, which nest in very short turf or bare ground in well drained, sunny areas (e.g. south facing slopes and along footpaths). The female bee-flies can be found hovering around such colonies flicking their eggs into the nesting holes. The larvae are parasites of the bee grubs in their underground nest cells,  waiting until the grubs are fully-grown before devouring them.

Dotted Bee-flyDotted Bee-flyHoverfly, Eristalis species
Dotted Bee-fly                               Dotted Bee-fly                          Hoverfly, Eristalis species

Posted March 29th at 7:30 am by Richie Moore in Other Wildlife

Saturday 28th March 2020


Seen in the Avon, between the railway line and the Lawns, 27.3.20.

Posted March 28th at 11:07 pm by Desley White in General Birding

Red kite

Seen 28.3.20 in South Brent, flying up the Avon valley north of Lydia Bridge. Settled in a tree at Lutton, 17.45.

Posted March 28th at 11:04 pm by Desley White in General Birding

Fremington Pill

On our one walk of the day we went to Fremington Pill. The 2 ruff are still present, as is the spotted redshank and a couple of greenshank.

RuffSpotted Redshankgreenshank
Ruff                                  Spotted Redshank                         greenshank

Posted March 28th at 8:33 pm by Colin Dracott in General Birding

South Brent ~ Red Kite(s)

This afternoon a friend in the village rang to say he had a Red Kite over his garden heading my way on turning round I got the briefest view as it passed into the A38 corridor valley.

That prompted me to have a walk around the home fields finding a pair of Long Tailed Tit investigating a holly thicket, then a pair of GSWP's followed by a Chiffchaff the first one I have seen here this season, Pied Wagtail, Wren, Buzzard, Sparrowhawk and two LBBG's passing over.

Back to the kitchen to watch the garden feed station, the Italian Sparrow sp has been showing on and off since 8am this morning, along with Greenfinch, numerous Chaffinch, House Sparrow, Blue and Great Tit, Dunnock, Wren and a plague of Rooks trying to get at the feeders.

Was then aware of a large bird in the air coming down from the Exeter direction and the same or another Red Kite was about to pass over the house, images poor as by the time I grabbed the camera it was almost in line with the sun, very tatty tailed bird.




Posted March 28th at 4:05 pm by Steve Hopper in General Birding


Cycled to the pond and scrape - 6-8 Sand Martins and a Swallow, but with this cold wind certainly not summer yet.

Posted March 28th at 1:45 pm by Jon Turner in General Birding

Shiphay, Torquay


Red Kite low over my back garden being mobbed by three Herring Gulls. It then headed over Cadewell Park and on towards Newton Road and the railway line. 


Same or different Red Kite flying the exact same route as above, this time being mobbed by Herring Gulls and Corvids. 

From the garden and in flight earlier this morning, Sparrowhawk, several Buzzards and two Ravens. 

Posted March 28th at 1:40 pm by Paul Darlington in General Birding

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