Malta Massacre on Migration Watch Chris Packham reporting on illegal shootings in Malta

This week Chris Packham is making a nightly video diary to raise awareness about the slaughter of migrant birds on Malta. Follow this link to see the last two nights and to watch the next three as they are released.

Josh Marshall and Roger Little two Devon Birds council members have first hand experience of the illegal shooting and trapping of birds in Malta and Sicily. Both have attended camps with the aim of recording and deterring illegalities so if you want first hand information please contact either one of them.

Please also consider taking action against those responsible for the destruction of the birds we so cherish in Devon. Write to your Euro MP and consider making a donation to BirdLife Malta. There are links from Chris Packham’s web page above.

If you are holidaying in Malta let local residents know the strength of feeling against Spring Hunting and the illegal shooting of protected bird species.