Lucky Wryneck

I’ve just received an email and photos from a gentleman,who lives in Bridestowe. His cat brought in a Wryneck and presented it to him on 15 September.  The bird appeared unharmed and he was able to pick it up and photograph it  but noticed that it was making “very distinctive head and neck movements”. He was able to release iit out in his garden and it was fit enough to fly away immediately.    He admits to not being a birder and wasn’t certain what the bird was until he told longtime member Rex Haythornthwaite who suggested he passed the photos and information on to us.

Wryneck Bridestowe 15.9.12 S McKeoghWryneck Bridestowe 15.9.12 S McKeogh
Bridestowe is a long way inland for such a sighting being approx 30k (“as the crow flies”) from the North coast and probably slightly more to the South coast of Devon.