Keep reporting your Cuckoo sightings please

Great news, we have broken last year’s record of 728 reported Cuckoos! By June 1st we had received 963 sightings, 852 of which were on Dartmoor, a fantastic response. The remaining 111 records are from Exmoor and wider Devon, helping us collect important information on possible strongholds for our Devon birds. Have a look at our live map to see where the Cuckoos have been seen and heard so far: Today’s records are shown in red, and earlier records in blue.

Our next target will be to make it to 1000 records, can we reach this by the end of next week?
The Cuckoos are still very active, so we hope you will continue to log all your observations, especially any sightings of juveniles or adults at the end of the season. We are also curious to find out about any Cuckoos in the Mid Devon area, as we have received few sightings from there to date. Thank you to all who have logged your heard/seen Cuckoos on our page, you are contributing to valuable research on our iconic Cuckoo!

If you’d rather phone your record through ring Julia on 01822 853785