Keep Reporting Cuckoos please

Devon Birds Cuckoo sightings page news

Cuckoo sightings and hearings are still increasing steadily on our Cuckoo sightings page ( Thank you to all who have submitted sightings so far, please keep them coming!

As expected, most sightings are from across Dartmoor, but we also received a good number of reports from wider Devon, including a sightings from around Exmoor, Barnstaple and the South Devon coast. Popular areas on Dartmoor include Haytor, Postbridge and Burrator. We are still keen to find out about potential Cuckoo strongholds in less-visited Dartmoor locations, as well as the wider Devon area, so why not grab your binoculars and visit a new patch this bank holiday weekend?!

We have received over 400 Cuckoo sightings and hearings to date. With over 380 sightings on Dartmoor, and another 60 sightings in the wider Devon area, we are collecting great information on the whereabouts of our Devon Cuckoos. Please keep submitting your sightings; can we beat the 728 records of the 2014 season? Thank you all for your involvement in this project!

The Cuckoos are back! We have been receiving news of Cuckoos being heard and seen for the past days, and we have so far received nine sightings on our Live Sightings map. We would like to remind everyone who sees or hears a cuckoo to submit their sighting to our website at