Help our birds: provide Wildflower Meadows – 10 April

Wildflower meadow evening: A celebration of wildflower meadows in Scoriton Village Hall with one of the UK’s leading ecologists, George Peterken, author of the definitive guide.
Wildflower meadows help our birds also bees love them, butterflies love them, people love them. Nothing sums up summer like the experience of walking through a species-rich meadow, carpeted with flowers and alive with insects.
Yet across the country, wildflower meadows have all but disappeared – 98 per cent of them have gone since the Second World War. And Dartmoor is no different. Fortunately, there are still some wonderful survivors. 
If you have a meadow or pasture you would like to restore to a flowering meadow, or if you simply wish to create wild areas in your garden – gardens and orchards can be wildflower meadows too – then come to Scoriton Village Hall on the evening of April 10 to discover more.
George Peterken, the renowned author of the definitive guide to meadows, will be the key speaker at this first meeting. George is a hugely knowledgeable ecologist who will introduce the subject and talk about a similar project he is involved with in the Wye Valley. Other speakers include John Walters, the Devon-based naturalist and author of The Wildlife of Dartmoor; he will talk about the abundant wildlife to be found in meadows, especially our local ones. And Phil Chandler will talk about his project to reintroduce the native black honeybee to Dartmoor. There will also be a short practical introduction to making your own haymeadow in six easy steps. 
The evening is being organised by a small group of local people whose aim is to start a friendly group who will help each other in conserving, restoring and creating flower rich grasslands in the landscape of Dartmoor. 
This first Moor Meadows meeting is on the 10th of April at Scoriton Village Hall, Devon TQ11 OJB. It will start at 7.30pm and finish by 9.30pm. 
The event is free and you will be welcomed with a FREE glass of wine. As seats are limited, please reserve your place now by emailing <>_